Welcome to my web site! My name is Maria Golda, I'm 40 years old and have been breeding cats on a very small scale since 1991, with the prefix "Exquisite". I have two breeds - Devon Rex and Persian - but I only breed Devon Rex nowadays.

My interest in showing and breeding pedigreed cats actually started with dog shows. When I was only 10 years old, I began travelling around to dog shows with my grown-up sister, her Yorkshire terriers and their breeder. We got to know several dog breeders and over the years I had the opportunity to learn from them and their experience with breeding and showing. I was fascinated from day one and I still am!

1983 my mother bought our family's first pedigreed cat, a black Persian male called IP Bandar Shah's Black Steve, alias "Gunde". A cat with a wonderful character - since then I have a special love for black cats! The first cat of my own moved in to my house in 1990, a bluetortie Persian female called EP & CH Bandar Shah's Lady Cinette. She became my foundation queen and is the grandmother of EP & IC S*Exquisite Midas Touch, one of my most successful show cats.

In the mid 80's I fell for the Devon Rex breed and their intriguing appearance, with short, curly coat and huge Gremlin-like ears. But it wasn't until 1995 that our first devon moved in with us; EP S*Giggle's Zimon The Zorcerer, a well-coated gentleman with great personality! After him came IC S*Giggle's FrontPage, a blacktortie lady with a super head type. She's had two litters and is the foundation queen of the "Exquisite" devons. One of her daughters is EC S*Exquisite Belladonna Took, JW DSM, who has had a fantastic show career with multiple Best in Show wins both as a youngster and as an adult, and with high Cat of the Year-placements.

Here in my corner of cyber space my intention is that you, if you like, will have the opportunity to see pictures of our cats and find information about the cattery. I also keep a calendar of cat shows in Sweden and Norway here, which I update frequently, have a look!  Feel free to contact me if you have questions about my cats or this web site. I hope you'll have a pleasant visit here, and welcome back soon!

ã Maria Golda 2008
Clipart by Vikimouse