S*Giggle's Bring It On (DRX n 24) 
"Seven" 1,5 years in the picture

Her calling name "Seven" comes from the TV-show "Star Trek - Voyager"; she's named after the character "Seven of Nine". Seven has been shown a few times with nice judgements, but she doesn't like shows very much, she prefers to stay at home. Maybe we'll try again later on. At home she's a real mischief maker and she especially likes to climb to high places. She also likes to cuddle a lot and always wants to sit on my lap and purr whenever I'm talking on the phone.

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EC S*Exquisite Belladonna Took, JW DSM (DRX n)
"Bella", 14 months in the picture

Belladonna Took is named after a hobbit  from "Lord of the Rings". Bella has the most fantastic character you can imagine; she's a real scene-stealer, loves attention at cat shows and she's a real "took" at home! ("tok" means "a bit crazy" in swedish). And she absolutely loves food - any food anywhere - just like a hobbit should! :-)

Best show results:
26 Best in Show, 3 Best of the Best
3 Best Opposite Sex
39 nominations to Best in Show, 25 Best of Variety
FIFe National Winner, Cat Of The Year, first place shorthair breeds 2007, third place 2003 & 2005.
Most winning Devon Rex in SVERAK 2003, 2005 & 2007.

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ã Maria Golda 2008
Clipart by Vikimouse